Thirst for Knowledge

Why do I read textbooks when I don’t need to?


I don’t consider myself to be of high IQ (probably because I’m not). I don’t consider myself to be of low IQ. I don’t consider myself to be over-average in intelligence or under-average. Unlike some people I know whose minds are brilliant (and secretly I want to steal or poke at their brains), I have to work hard to do well academically. However, because I do work hard I get good results.

This summer (late April-end of August) I decided to take a break. No summer school. No real work. Partially because we are moving houses, partially because I was so exhausted after my second year at uni that I needed it, and partially because I didn’t see any good opportunities work wise. However, I have found that not long after school ended (maybe two weeks?) I needed some kind of academic stimulation, such as ridiculously hard-to-understand dusty books where each sentence must be read at least three times or language-learning challenges.

It seemed weird to do school work when not in school but I couldn’t help it. I started reading a theology book we must read during the semester (September-December) to write a paper. I started learning the basics of a few languages in order to decide with which ones I want to go further (I decided for French and German, but I will dearly miss the others like Irish). I am using Spanish textbooks and videos/movies to not lose my good level of Spanish. I brought back my World History textbook (1099 pages!) to read…for fun (I used to hate history but this textbook is well written). I bought a book on Counselling and Psychotherapy (my dream job) to read…for fun. I have a long list of books I want to read (some include contemporary books, some include classical literature from all eras). I am working on writing my two books. I have written a dozen short stories. I’ve been reading articles and watching videos related to linguistics. This thirst for knowledge is never-ending.

Someone asked me why I would read a textbook when I’m not getting any credits for it. Why I am using Spanish workbooks when I’m not getting a diploma at the end of the day. Why I am reading the theology book now when I will have plenty of time during the semester (btw: there’s never plenty of time during the semester, no such thing). Why I am reading a Counselling and Psychotherapy book when I can barely understand it yet (I’m only 3rd year psych). Why I am starting two more languages. Why I am reading a history book when I’m not even studying history. Why I am reading classical books when I no longer have to (not in high school anymore, nor am I an english major). Why am I watching linguistics videos instead of the newest movies (let me tell you, I do both. Netflix is a very dear friend of mine).

I am always on the lookout to learn more. Sometimes I understand, sometimes it’s beyond me. But I thirst for it, no matter if the end result is a certificate or not. I am lucky enough to have time to do all this. Next summer I won’t (internships, jobs, etc.). I am taking this wonderful opportunity to absorb the beauty of the knowledge around me. And I let it affect my view on life.

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