…Or is it spring cleaning?


I walk through the labyrinth of suitcases and watch the boxes overflow. The sweat on my brow is there. I am more conscious of stepping into each room as I realize these are my last days in this house. I’ve moved A LOT in my life and this house wasn’t special, it was in the middle of the invisible scale of places I’ve lived in. Maybe helped along by the ‘meh’ experience at school during my one year here. I would say that the two years after when I no longer lived here but my family did were more interesting. I warmed up to the house, to the town, to the way of life.

Now I watch my family and myself pack up yet another house ready to move on to the next adventure. It might be the least adventurous for me because I’ve already partially moved out two years ago for university. But fully moving everything out of this tiny room, finding all the lost objects, deciding what to throw away…it’s different.

It’s a nice sort of spring cleaning! Going through everything and deciding what must go to charity, garbage, storage, suitcase…On one hand I want everything to stay as it is, on the other it’s liberating.

Goodbye Teddington, London, United Kingdom. Hello next chapter.

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