Reading Out to Human Beings

Fear of reading your work aloud to others


When it comes to my writing I am very private, at least in non-cyber space. I write my novels on my beloved laptop on my beloved Scrivener and not one human being sees it because I couldn’t bear to have anyone read it until it is perfect. I post my fan fiction on semi-anonymous sites where people don’t actually know who I am. But the thought of a friend (that I know personally not just online) or family member reading something I wrote, whether original fanfic is…terrifying.

My friend was injured and we were helping out my dad with my little sisters birthday party. When my dad didn’t need us we spent our time in my bedroom just hanging around. At one point I thought I could read out some of my fan fiction and random scenes from my original fiction to her, either to calm her, show her, or maybe just to put her to sleep (it was a hot day).

Soon I realized this was the first time I was reading out my work out loud. To a fellow human being (as opposed to the other times when they were alien werewolves of course). It was very refreshing. She isn’t a writer which made this a calm experience, no judgement or constructed criticism (a good thing but not for relaxation). It was nice to read my work out loud but to more than an empty room or the closet. I was more aware of my writing style and somehow it gave me a new perspective.

This doesn’t mean I will jump into constantly reading out my work to other people but it was definitely a novel experience for me and I learned something from it.

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