Tense Changes

…Will indeed be the death of me


I am certain I’m not the only one but as I’m still a newbie writer (will I ever not call myself a newbie?) it is something I struggle with ALL THE TIME (I have a tendency to exaggerate).

These past two weeks I’ve been having a hard time motivating myself to write my novels, so I’ve been writing loads of fan fiction instead (I think my followers appreciate that). What I’ve noticed is that when I read through the longer pieces or even the drabbles before posting them there were embarrassing verb tense mistakes. Mostly starting out in the past tense and suddenly switching to present tense. Very cringe-y.

I know I’ve made mistakes like that in my novels on Scrivener, but I fear there are more than I know about. From how I understand my brain (I don’t) I start in past tense, because that’s where I feel comfortable, but as I get into the story, really become part of it, it’s as if everything is happening in ‘real’ time no matter the pov.

Over the years, will this struggle with changing tenses in the middle of a scene loosen or am I doomed forever? I will deal with that damnation, but it would be nice to think that sudden tense changes will not be on my radar in the future…

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