Hurdles (in writing)

…and how I’ve sluggishly jumped over them


After 2 weeks of struggling I’ve got my groove back (kinda). Apparently all I needed was a trip to the bookstore to get a present for my dad. Of course, unsurprisingly, I left with a book for myself (“Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit”). But maybe that’s what I needed. I’m taking it as motivation and swinging back into my worlds. Slowly.

I don’t like having longer periods of time when I can’t write. There are times when I don’t have time to write or I don’t want to write (whaaaat?). But there’s something about not being able to write (not physically unable, just mentally) that freaks me out. Thankfully that seems to be over and I’m back.

Thanks to this mini-hurdle (maxi!) I completely failed all my NaNo and personal goals, but as long as I’m back, that’s what counts, right?

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