POV Switch

When POV’s get out of hand.


I am currently working on several projects, but mainly two: Moonlight (3rd person) and Lizard Eyes (1st person). It’s a nice break to switch between POV’s like that, however it also seems to take up a lot of brain power.

I’ve noticed that when I write, if I start in 3rd person I end up in 1st after a while. This is probably because I become so engrossed in the character that I become it, hence speaking in 1st person.

I usually prefer 3POV because I feel like it gives me more knowledge of the world around me, rather than limiting me. However, there tend to be unofficially set “rules” for which POV’s to use for which age and genre. This was a completely new world for me when I started writing, so I had to do some research.

YA Paranormal Romance, like my “Moonlight”, tends to stick with 3rd Person.

NA Urban Fantasy, like my “Lizard Eyes”, tends to go to 1st Person.

I have no idea why, I haven’t tried analyzing it, but I think it’s quite interesting.

Switching between novels and POV’s definitely keeps me on my toes as long as I read over what I’ve written once in a while to fix all the POV mistakes that tend to show up!

One thing I’ve never tried is 2nd person. It looks quite tough. Have any of you ventured out there before?

Any views? Preferences? Ideas?

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