Are you finished?

Can I read it? Are you done? How much more?


No. I am not finished.

I am not a professional writer. I am not published. And maybe never will be, who knows. I write purely as a hobby.

Being constantly questioned by people on whether I am finally finished with my novel is…annoying. It’s nice when I get asked in a nice tone, when they wonder what my novel will be about and what my progress is. But when they ask in a tone of “ugh-are-you-actually-writing-a-novel” or “why-are-you-not-finished-yet” is not helpful. Not helpful for my self-confidence and not helpful in general. Will I be finished one day? I hope so. And hopefully soon. But writing a novel is no small feat. It takes time and brain power. I hope people realize that the book doesn’t just magically appear.

So…how is my progress? I’m nearly finished with my first draft, though I hit a bit of a road block. Am I finished? No, but I will tell you when I am.

One thought on “Are you finished?”

  1. Ha! I told a friend about a book I was writing, and he really wanted to read it. Now, everything I talk to him he demands that I give it to him. Honestly, in this case it’s more funny than annoying, but I understand where you’re coming from.

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