The Journey

Hello anyone!

I would like you to join me on this journey I set myself upon over a year ago. I know, I know, not fair that you start later? Well it’s my journey.

I have had many story ideas in my head, well, always. And when I read stories or watched movies I silently added my own ideas of what could happen. However, only a year ago did I finally take a step forward to do more about it.

When did I join the various fanfiction sites? Aeons ago. But when did I finally start writing my own stories, not just the short ones, but the long one? About a year ago. I had this idea buzzing around in my head that I thought my mind would pop and so out it went, onto a piece of paper and word spreadsheet. And it grew.

And then came the day I discovered NaNoWriMo. Also known as heaven to some. I discovered it after my first year in university. I had no work and school was off, and no one was really bothering me, not too much anyways. And the beautiful month of July with it’s promise of Camp NaNoWriMo.

Did I join? Hell yeah. Did I accomplish 50k+? Hell yeah. Over 50,000 words in a month. I didn’t recognize myself at all. But after that month I realized that maybe I could do this, maybe it was possible.

In that month I had managed to get so much work done on “Moonlight: One” that it blew me back. I was brimming with ideas for the rest of the summer but then school came and  took over. Not to say I didn’t have ideas, but more I had no time, and if I did my mind spent it doing readings because I feel too guilty when not doing school-related things at school. I know, not healthy.

Christmas! Wham! My head barely survived! I was vacationing in Australia and my head was swarming with bunnies, as in plot bunnies. Millions of them and I couldn’t get them down fast enough! It was bad because I was supposed to be spending time with family and eventually my dad had enough, so gadgets (electronics) weren’t allowed anymore. *sneaks in pieces of paper and pen*. So I entered Australia with the mission to do some editing of Moonlight and left with about 5 other book ideas and two sequels for Moonlight. Save me!

Guess what? School was back on and courses were hard. (When are they not? Even when they aren’t they are. Huh?). So…ideas put on back-burner…very far back. But this craving to write inside of me had to do something, anything. So I turned back to my beloved fan fiction. Less complex than fiction, the background is there and it can suck.

I was so excited for April, because that’s another Camp NaNo month. But I wasn’t sure if I would do it. End of the semester beginning of April, final exams until more than halfway through April and then finally family time after months on vacation, gone all day each day. Would there actually be time to write? Nope. Not until I got home to England. Which I did.

I opened my laptop each day and stared at Scrivener (the program I use for writing). I stared at it very hard. I wished for magic. But nothing. Absolutely nothing. No ideas. My goodness, I didn’t even have editing ideas, which is kind of impossible. Mostly I lacked proper motivation. I had the abstract motivation of wanting to finish…but that’s too far. I needed more. And I found it on the last day of Camp NaNo, naturally. Today.

It was quiet in the house. I wouldn’t be disturbed for a few hours. I hadn’t watched any movie since last night (Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King), so I wouldn’t be itching to write fan fiction. I was reading a book but it wasn’t fan fiction needy (though it is actually a book about fan fiction). And I found the motivation to write. And did I write.

Not my highest in a day but it had been so long, half a year to be exact since I wrote properly like this that it truly felt like an accomplishment. Approximately 6k. I spent time going over my Moonlight: One outline, finding possible holes, and reminding myself of how the story went (kind of ridiculous, since it’s my story). I did edit one bit but my creativity finally took over and wrote some bits that I had been meaning to write but never had the motivation to. For example, the ‘Aunt Helen’ scene as I call it. It’s near the end of the novel, and it’s a sacrifice-death scene of my MC’s aunt. I also added some bits to different scenes, corrected others where I realize I had made stupid mistakes, and went over the rules of my world (what creatures there were etc.). I did have to take out a few characters, which saddened me. I knew they were leaving me but it was still heartbreaking. I am hoping to either introduce them somehow in the sequel or use them in a different story. I’ve already grown too attached to them to not use them. So bye Rea, Xaw,  Sean, Lea, Amy, and Rex, see ya one day, hopefully soon.

I also got some work done on “Talisman”. My other major novel project. Even though I only have about 3k done for it I feel like it has more because I actually have an outline for it. I am trying to write this novel differently than Moonlight. Moonlight was all over the place (and still is in my opinion). Partially because when I started it it was just random scenes, people, dialogue, creatures, and stuff put together. It had a direction that changed every few seconds and there was no full point behind it. What was the arc? Who knows. I only created the outline after I had written 50k. Weeeeird, I know. After I got an outline about half of the story changed to accommodate it but now it makes more sense at least, and reads like a story should. There is a point to it.

So, this is where I am. Working on ending “Moonlight: One”. I already have a basic outline for “Moonlight: Two” and a very abstract idea for “Moonlight: Three”. I am continuing “Talisman: One” and there will probably be a “Talisman: Two”. And then I’ve got “Lonely Stars”, “Lizard Eyes”, and “Magical Girl”. And a few quite abstract ideas that they can’t even have names for a YA dark fantasy, new adult fiction, middle-grade adventure, middle-grade mystery, two historical romance fantasies, a post-apocalyptic/dystopian, crime novel, and a high fantasy novel. Bam. I honestly shouldn’t work or go to school or breathe or eat or do anything because ideas are floating I want to write!

This was a quick (very very long) intro into my journey through writing to where I am now. 🙂


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